OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) specifies an XML vocabulary for publishing business documents regarding transportation. For example, transportation status: the US Depertment of Defense Electronic Freight Management (EFM) program requires the use of OASIS UBL for participants in a transportation chain to publish the status of shipments as electronic business documents.

Summary list of transportation documents by category:
  • International Freight Management
    • UBL-ForwardingInstructions-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-PackingList-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-BillOfLading-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-Waybill-2.1.xsd
  • Freight Status
    • UBL-TransportationStatusRequest-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-TransportationStatus-2.1.xsd
  • Origin of Goods
    • UBL-CertificateOfOrigin-2.1.xsd
  • Intermodal Freight Management
    • UBL-TransportServiceDescriptionRequest-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-TransportServiceDescription-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-TransportExecutionPlanRequest-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-TransportExecutionPlan-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-GoodsItemItinerary-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-TransportProgressStatusRequest-2.1.xsd
    • UBL-TransportProgressStatus-2.1.xsd